Stop Google Chrome From Automatically Playing Files After Download

Hey guys, I’m going to do a video on this when I get a chance but here is the fix…I hope you understand.

When downloading a file in Google Chrome, a bar appears at the bottom showing the progress of the file you are downloading. Click the down arrow next to the file and make sure the “Always open file of this type” is unchecked.

Again, make sure the “Always open file of this type” is unchecked.

This will stop downloaded files from playing automatically. :)

These instructions are for Google Chrome only….

James Pence


How to Force IMAP Email Account on iPhone

All I know is it took me forever to fix this issue. The problem occurs because at some point you entered the original email account into the iPhone as a POP3 account and it doesn’t allow you to change or select IMAP until you do the following. This is absolutely crazy but you must enter incorrect information or a wrong email address in order to trick it into thinking your adding a brand new email address then it will give you the option to select IMAP instead of making you use the stupid old POP3 information LOL. Now simply change the account to match the correct information and password and IMAP server and port settings and you will finally have your IMAP email account on you iPhone….YAH :)

Have a great day!
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